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Hurt as a civilian on a military base? There’s help for you

On Behalf of | May 16, 2022 | Defense Base Act |

As a civilian working on a military base, you need to get to know the Defense Base Act. This act provides specific benefits in the case that you are hurt on a military base.

Under the DBA, you’ll have access to four main benefits categories. These include:

  1. Medical treatment
  2. Death benefits
  3. Disability compensation
  4. Vocational rehabilitation

It’s important that you understand your right to these benefits and exactly what’s covered as you seek care.

What kind of medical treatment can you get through the DBA?

With the Defense Base Act, you’re able to get treatment from any physician of your choice. You are allowed to seek any medical care needed that is related to the injury or illness that you’ve suffered. You will always have the medical care covered by the DBA as long as your illness or injury requires it. This care will be paid for until you no longer need it.

Can you get financial coverage for the time you’re missing off work?

It’s also possible for you to seek out compensation for any disability you’ve suffered. Under the DBA, the compensation you’ll receive is determined by your average weekly wage. This is broken down by the kind of disability you’ve suffered, but in general, you can receive up to two thirds of the average weekly wages for the time you’ve had to miss work. If you are permanently disabled, then you can claim up to two thirds of your lost earning capacity as well.

There are some maximums that apply, but as these can change by the year, it’s valuable to discuss your options and find out exactly how much the limit is or if one applies to your particular case.

You deserve all the benefits you need to recover

It’s important that you get all the benefits you need to recover from your injuries. Vocational rehabilitation and other rehabilitation services may be available to help you get back to work or to feel better after suffering a permanent disability. Combined with pay benefits and treatment, the goal is to get you as healthy as possible following you injuries.