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Did inadequate security cause injury to yacht crew members?

Living and working aboard a yacht or even a superyacht may be a dream for some Louisiana residents. Even though it would be hard work, it allows yacht crew members to see parts of the world they may not otherwise get to see. Working on board one of these vessels does come with hazards, however. In addition to safety measures to account for the normal injury-causing dangers, personal safety is also a concern.

Admiralty and maritime law: Good housekeeping prevents injuries

Keeping a vessel clean and clear of debris helps increase the safety of everyone aboard. It would probably be a challenge to find any Louisiana residents who work on navigable vessels that would disagree. Unfortunately, failing to perform needed housekeeping duties could result in injuries from mishaps while working. Fortunately, admiralty and maritime law may provide a way to recover benefits for medical expenses and lost wages, among other things.

Every maritime accident provides a chance to improve safety

Government agencies gather and analyze data on a variety of events. One of the areas in which the National Transportation Safety Board gathers this type of information is the country's waterways, including those around and in Louisiana. Every maritime accident has the potential of saving lives in the future.

Are death benefits available under the Defense Base Act?

With a global economy and the privatization of United States military operations in places like Iraq and Afghanistan, there are more jobs for defense contractors overseas than ever. In the last quarter of 2018, the United States Central Command reported 49,451 contractor personnel working for the Department of Defense.

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