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A neck sprain could keep a worker on land for some time

Working on one of Louisiana's navigable vessels comes with risks. While workers often make sure they do what they can to avoid the obvious risks associated with their jobs, they may not pay enough attention to the less dangerous, but potentially just as debilitating, dangers. For instance, a neck sprain may not seem serious, but it could keep a worker on land for some time. 

Making forklift safety a priority on Louisiana's docks

Even though Louisiana workers assume a certain amount of risk when they take a job at a dock or harbor, it does not release their employers from providing a safe work environment. In fact, state and federal law require it. This extends to the equipment used in order to perform their duties, including forklifts. Employers are responsible for making sure that forklift safety is a priority for everyone in order to avoid accidents that could lead to serious or fatal injuries.

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