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Do you need an attorney to make a Defense Base Act claim?

On Behalf of | Sep 17, 2021 | Defense Base Act |

If you are hurt while working at a military base, you may be able to file a claim using the Defense Base Act. The Defense Base Act applies to civilian contractors who are hired to work on a military base. It also applies to workers from other countries, foreign nationals, residents and U.S. citizens who are part of public works projects or support services at the base.

It’s normally a good idea to work with an attorney when you want to make a DBA claim because this is a specific area of law and doesn’t work quite the same as a traditional workers’ compensation claim. The DBA provides coverage for any condition, injury, disability or death that occurs while at work, but it will also cover injuries that are suffered while in transit to the job or to home if that travel is paid for by your employer or U.S. government.

Why work with an attorney when you make a DBA claim?

The reality is that the DBA protects many workers, but the claims may be denied or rejected despite good evidence that the claims are legitimate. To handle this, one of the better things you can do is to work with a DBA attorney from the start. They will be able to handle many aspects of your case while you seek medical treatment or focus on your recovery.

If your claim is denied or disputed for some reason, your attorney will reach out to the adjuster working for the insurance company and focus on finding solutions. They’ll also help you correctly document your case so that an appeal made to the insurance company is more likely to be approved.

If you do end up needing to go to court, your DBA attorney will be there to protect you and represent you. You definitely want to have an attorney who understands the DBA system during this process, because it has unique aspects to it that may influence how much compensation you can seek compared to a general workers’ compensation case. The right help may make it easier for you to get the compensation and coverage you need.