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Did inadequate security cause injury to yacht crew members?

On Behalf of | Oct 23, 2019 | Admiralty And Maritime Law |

Living and working aboard a yacht or even a superyacht may be a dream for some Louisiana residents. Even though it would be hard work, it allows yacht crew members to see parts of the world they may not otherwise get to see. Working on board one of these vessels does come with hazards, however. In addition to safety measures to account for the normal injury-causing dangers, personal safety is also a concern.

Pirates may no longer wear eye patches, carry parrots on their shoulders or have peg legs, but they still exist and present a real danger to people on yachts. These vessels create quite a target-rich environment since they are not cheap and tend to let others know that someone aboard has enough money to meet the price tag. Yacht owners are having to look into “arming” their vessels with security measures in order to repel potential attackers.

In addition to crew training and possibly having trained security personnel on board, a number of devices could help increase the safety level. Long-range acoustic devices, anti-drone protection, underwater sonar detection devices and more help make those on board aware of a potential threat. External lockdown systems, escape pods, citadel-armored escape rooms, dazzle guns and other equipment help keep everyone safe from an imminent attack, but the threat of bodily harm remains.

Even under the best of circumstances, yacht crew members could suffer injuries in an attack from others outside the ship. If that happens, it could be some time before returning to work is even an option. Replacing at least a portion of lost income, payment for medical expenses and more becomes vital. It would be wise to gain an understanding of how to obtain benefits to help the injured through this situation since Louisiana’s traditional workers’ compensation typically does not apply.