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Construction workers and the Defense Base Act

On Behalf of | May 20, 2020 | Defense Base Act |

Construction workers face many different hazards while performing their job duties, from dangerous machinery to heights and inclement weather. However, those who work for the US military, especially if their job duties take them overseas, are especially likely to become injured at work. Fortunately, there are resources available to many injured construction workers in this position, such as coverage provided by the Defense Base Act.

If you were recently hurt in a mishap that occurred while you were working overseas, it is imperative to explore all of your options. Our law office understands the immense amount of pressure that many people face in this position.


For starters, construction workers who are working in another country due to a national defense project or war activities are especially likely to struggle with fatigue due to sleep-related problems. Many of them become tired on the job and face a lot of additional stress, from leaving loved ones behind to adjusting to their new environment. All of these factors increase the chances of a construction accident. Moreover, construction accidents are very debilitating in many instances and some people have difficulty exploring their options afterward.

Pursuing benefits

It is imperative for those who are injured while working on a construction project overseas to look into the benefits that are available. In some instances, workers have the ability to secure benefits through the Defense Base Act. These benefits help workers recover physically, financially and even emotionally. Moreover, they are a lifeline for those who have family members to support. Explore our site to learn more about DBA coverage.