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The Longshore Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act and falls at work

On Behalf of | Aug 14, 2019 | Longshore And Harbor Workers' Compensation Act |

Nearly every worker here in Louisiana runs the risk of suffering injuries while on the job. One of the most often seen work-related accidents involves falls. Below are some of the most commonly seen injuries due to falls at work. For those who work the navigable waters surrounding the state, benefits for these and other injuries do not come from workers’ compensation. Instead, some will qualify under the Longshore Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act while others will qualify under the Jones Act.

In any case, the injuries that workers most often suffer due to falls include broken bones, which can take a significant amount of time to heal during which it may not be possible to work. Other injuries that can limit a person’s ability to earn an income are sprains and strains. Like broken bones, these injuries cause a substantial amount of pain and limitations in mobility. 

The above injuries may be considered serious, but other injuries often leave victims with permanent or debilitating injuries. Traumatic brain injuries and spinal cord injuries can easily change the course of a person’s life or even end it. Internal injuries to organs and bones in the chest, or thoracic region, could also end up threatening an individual’s life.

When falls occur, the injuries that result can either temporarily or permanently remove a Louisiana resident from the workforce. Adding in medical expenses and other damages only tends to make the situation worse as the victim probably feels the stress associated with the financial losses that accompany a work-related injury. Fortunately for those who work on the country’s navigable waters may pursue much needed financial relief through the Longshore Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act or the Jones Act, depending on the circumstances.