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That pain in a crewman’s back could mean time away from work

On Behalf of | Apr 23, 2019 | Admiralty And Maritime Law |

When considering on-the-job injuries, most Louisiana residents think of acute accidents resulting in catastrophic results. Those types of accidents do happen, but a large number of injuries suffered by those who work on water, or on land for that matter, result from repetitive movements that result in chronic pain. These types of injuries often result in time away from work when the pain reaches a certain point and medical intervention is required.

Crew members aboard ship may not realize that the pain in their lower backs is due to their work. The pain could originate in either the back muscles or the tendons that connect muscles to the bones. A person’s lower back takes the brunt of bending, moving and twisting. Those who are overweight, who improperly lift heavy objects or stand for extended periods could suffer from low back strain.

Ways to identify this chronic injury include limited movement, stiffness, muscle spasms or pain in the lower back. If the pain radiates down into the groin area, the legs or buttocks, it could also be this type of injury, and it usually increases when active. The treatment for low back strain ranges from over-the-counter medications to surgery, depending on the severity of the injury.

It may not be difficult to recognize that treating and recovering from low back strain would require time away from work. Louisiana crew members who suffer from this type of injury may experience stress and anxiety regarding how to meet their normal financial obligations, along with their medical expenses. Filing a claim under the Jones Act may provide much needed benefits to help with these monetary losses during this time.