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Admiralty and maritime law and commercial fishing deaths

On Behalf of | Jan 16, 2019 | Admiralty And Maritime Law |

Louisiana residents who work on the country’s navigable waters can tell others how dangerous it can be. Television reality shows such as “The Deadliest Catch” brought these hazards to the public, but viewers may not truly understand how possible and devastating deaths on commercial fishing vessels are. In many instances, the fate of surviving family members hinges on successfully navigating admiralty and maritime law.

Recently, three commercial fisherman lost their lives in an accident on the West Coast. Rough waters are nothing new to many who work in the industry, but that does not stop them from going to work each day. The demand for their products keeps them going, especially in times when it is not easy to bring in the fish and crustaceans consumers crave.

The U.S. Coast Guard attempted to rescue the men whose boat suddenly capsized off the Oregon coast. Sadly, they were not able to get to the men in time to save their lives. For many in the industry, this incident could serve as a wakeup call regarding the real dangers they face. Their family members may pay closer attention to whether their loved ones come home each day.

When those loved ones fail to come home, or suffer serious injuries, their families cannot simply file for workers’ compensation benefits as victims on land do. Instead, they must rely on admiralty and maritime law for much needed monetary support. Going through this process often only adds to the frustration and stress surviving family members are already experiencing. For this reason, many of them turn to Louisiana attorneys with experience in this area of law.