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What rehabilitation services does the DBA offer?

On Behalf of | Dec 14, 2018 | Uncategorized |

Overseas defense base contractors are at high risk of sustaining severe injuries. Though some injured workers may be able to continue work, others aren’t as fortunate. Though the Defense Base Act does provide compensation for potentially permanent disabilities, many injured people worry about the future.

Thankfully, the DBA offers vocational rehabilitation services. These programs help permanently disabled workers learn new skills that can help them get new jobs. Defense base workers and their loved ones should know what these services are.

Who is eligible?

The DBA offers vocational rehabilitation services primarily for permanently disabled workers residing in the United States who cannot return to their previous positions due to their injuries. The DBA also considers those who have some form of a remaining permanent disability and have the appropriate work opportunities within their commuting area.

Injured workers who received a settlement for their condition can still be eligible for these services as long as they can still financially support themselves. If you can only work a part-time job after your disability, it does vary on whether you have access to it or not. The DBA considers your restrictions on a case by case basis. You can also choose to participate at a later date as long as you are still permanently disabled.

What is provided?

The primary purpose of these programs offered in vocational rehabilitation services is to train you for another position if you can’t do your previous job. The trainer’s first option is to help you get a job with the company you were with prior to your injury. Just because you cannot work your previous job doesn’t mean your company doesn’t have any other positions available. After you find out what positions you could be eligible for, the program gives you the necessary training to get you back to work.

If there are no jobs with previous employer available, then the vocational rehabilitation counselor will help you build your resume for a job elsewhere. They will help you explore careers you can seek and then begin a training program to help you prepare for the new job. They will also help you in your job search to ensure you find a worthy position as soon as possible. The length of the training depends on what job you and the rehab counselor think would be suitable.

While these programs are voluntary, they may be worth looking into if you have no luck getting back to your previous job. Consider speaking with an authority on the DBA to determine if you are eligible for vocational rehabilitation.