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Which workers receive coverage under the Defense Base Act

On Behalf of | Jul 3, 2018 | Uncategorized |

Ever since the Defense Base Act’s creation in 1941, there has been confusion over what types of workers are eligible for insurance coverage under this program. While we’ve already discussed how the Office of Workers’ Compensation Programs oversees this act, it is crucial to know which employees can sign up for it to obtain the compensation and disability coverage they need.

Military contractors

One of the more popular demographics for this program are employees on U.S. bases and lands outside of the U.S. used for military purposes. Contractors who work on military grounds in U.S. territories are eligible as well.

There are several types of workers in these locations that can apply for it with varying degrees of military purpose and involvement. Whether you are an electrician, flight attendant, truck driver or military trainer, you are eligible for the program as long as your contract requires you to work specifically in a location used for military purposes.

In addition, those under contract by the Foreign Assistance act to sell military gear and services to allies in work performed outside of the U.S. can also apply for the DBA.

Public works

War activity occurring outside of the U.S. requires more than military contractors. Government agencies hire public work contractors for to go outside of the U.S. to perform construction and services to other countries.

The United States Department of Labor specifies that construction is not the only public work able to apply. They state that any project or operation connected to national defense is eligible for the DBA. This includes improving that country’s harbors, dams and roadways.

Welfare services

The DBA also allows people under employment by American welfare and morale services that work outside of the U.S. These organizations have to benefit the armed services and must be authorized by the Secretary of Defense. Some welfare projects include the American Red Cross and the Salvation Army.

Who is not covered?

Not every out of state worker in U.S. property and ally locations will be eligible for DBA benefits. The law states that employees who are masters and crews of vessels, employees who perform domestic services and workers who are subject to the Federal Employees’ Compensation Act cannot apply for DBA.

Be sure to confirm with your employer that you are eligible for DBA. This program has given thousands of out of state workers the compensation they need to recover from serious injuries. You should not be denied if you fit the previously mentioned criteria.