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Who Qualifies Under The Defense Base Act?

Compensation covers any employee of a private contractor or company doing public works on behalf of the U.S. military. It includes all U.S. possessions and territories, as well as foreign countries. Benefits are extended to qualified employees injured or disabled on the job.

The DBA also provides death benefits for eligible family members.

Public works are improvements or changes to structures designated for public use by the U.S. or its allies. This includes construction, repair or removal. It also includes any project conducted under service contracts related to national defense or wartime activities.

Whom And What Does The DBA Cover?

Those covered under the DBA include:

  • Workers for private companies on U.S. military bases or lands under U.S. military control
  • Workers contracted by any U.S. government agency, including service contracts and construction related to national defense or wartime activities
  • Workers through contracts outside the U.S. that are approved under the Foreign Assistance Act
  • Agencies providing services that benefit armed service members such as the USO
  • Workers during employment-related travel if the cost of that travel was paid for by the U.S. government or a contractor

This applies to U.S. citizens, residents, nationals and foreign workers, except:

  • Employees covered under the Federal Employees’ Compensation Act
  • Employees involved in domestic agriculture, service or other employment that is considered casual or secondary to the contract
  • Captains or crew members of vessels

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